The Dukkah Company Cornwall, Hot Sand

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The Dukkah Company Cornwall, Hot Sand


Hot Sand

The Chilli Dukkah- the HOT one!

Blended sesame & almonds, balanced with cayenne, fennel, paprika & a good splash of chilli. Brilliant sprinkled onto soups, salmon or steak.

Suitable for Gluten free, Vegetarian & Vegan diets.

Bread, oil, dukkah, done! Simply dunk pieces of bread into oil and then into the dish of dukkah. Perfect served as nibbles with evening drinks.

Or use it for coating meats before grilling/barbecuing. As a dip with seafood. Or add it as a crunchy topping to pasta dishes.

Dukkah is a trditional North African dip packed full of seeds, nuts and spices. The Dukkah Company Cornwall, hand blend dukkahs in small batches using specially selected ingredients.

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