Brindisa - The True Food Of Spain

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Brindisa - The True Food Of Spain



By Monika Linton

Published 8th September 2016.

The ultimate in contemporary Spanish cooking, #BrindisaTheCookBook is a true celebration of Spain, its food and people.

Ranging from the most unusual artisan dishes to the classics of Spanish cooking, this recipe collection draws on Brindisa’s specialist knowledge to introduce you to delights such as jamon iberico de bellota, chorizo, cured ham and fish, fumet (rich Catalan fish stock), farmhouse cheeses, prepared pulses, olive oils and vinegars, sweet treats and store cupboard basics that are essential for Spanish and Mediterranean cooking.

Covering the unique way good food is integral to everyday Spanish life, ranging from traditional breakfasts to substantial lunches, small plates of Spanish food and very simple suppers for during the week, to big family get-togethers at the weekend, this is not just a book about recipes, but a true celebration of Spain, its food and people, countryside and producers.

The most comprehensive and authoritative book on Spanish food yet published.

‘Monika has been championing the best Spanish ingredients for 30 years, hugely influencing the way we cook and eat now. This is a fascinating and wonderful book, so obviously written with love’

Samantha Clark, Moro


‘This book, an opus of knowledge, experience and judicious good taste, from one of everyone’s great food heroes, Monika Linton, captures everything wonderful and life affirming about Iberian cuisine’

Jackson Boxer, Brunswick House

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